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Effectiveness radically improved

In Kongsberg the industrial enterprises and academia are working together to improve the competitiveness of Norwegian industry. The research project Knowledge-based Development has resulted in a joint knowledge base that gives companies in Kongsberg and Norway an important innovative edge.

Samarbeider i KBD-prosjekt. Foto: NCE SE

From left: Dag Espen Tegdal, Kongsberg Defence Systems, Torkil Bjørnson, NCE SE, Leif Næss, Norwegian Institute of Systems Engineering, Tom Nordgård, FMC Technologies and Simen Skiaker, Kongaberg Automotive. Photo: NCE SE

NCE SE took the initiative for the research project in 2011. All the companies have set up major change projects. They have introduced working methods and tools that increase the efficiency of product development, project implementation and innovation processes. They are now exporting this knowledge within their global organisations.

Companies collaborate openly
The companies operate in very different markets and sectors, so they can collaborate openly. In the research project they have applied best practice for each sector and shared knowledge and experiences with one another. This has inspired them to find solutions to the issues they face.

“The openness and pooling of experience between companies is unparalleled”, says Torkil Bjørnson in NCE Systems Engineering.

Research alongside the world’s leading experts has contributed to the development of new methods and new knowledge, which radically improves organisational effectiveness.

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Knowledge-based Development research project
• Kongsberg Gruppen
• FMC Technologies
• Kongsberg Devotek
• Kongsberg Automotive

Budget: MNOK 30
• MNOK 10.5 from the Research Council’s User-driven Research-based Innovation programme (BIA)
• The companies themselves have invested MNOK 19.5

More than 250 people in the companies are working at putting the newly gained expertise and methodology into practice.

The KBD project has also resulted in:
• Two new master’s degree courses at Buskerud and Vestfold University College
• PhD course at NTNU
• Establishment of the national professional forum Knowledge-based Development Forum