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10 years with NCE Systems Engineering

In 2006 the cluster of technology companies in Kongsberg recieved status as a Norwegian Centre of Expertise in Systems Engineering. Read our report where we have attempted to summarise the results of the cluster collaboration.

Cooperation agreement with Spanish SE-company

On June 7th the top management of Spanish Isdefe came to Kongsberg for the signature of an agreement between Isdefe and Norwegian Institute for Systems Engineering at University of Southeast Norway. Isdefe is owned by the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Seizing the world’s innovation edge

The leader of the world´s topnotch research in engineering design is joining the Norwegian Institute of Systems Engineering (NISE), University College of Southeast Norway (HSN) as a Visiting Professor in 2016. Dr Larry Leifer is the name ever wanted in this field and is appointed to help the transformation and accelerator of Norwegian industries.

Global specialisation creates opportunities

“Geographical location is no longer an issue. We obtain cutting-edge experience in whichever country it exists and we manufacture where it is most cost effective. This global specialisation creates opportunities in the world marketplace for the Kongsberg community and Norwegian industry,” says Tore Halvorsen in FMC Technologies.

Effectiveness radically improved

In Kongsberg the industrial enterprises and academia are working together to improve the competitiveness of Norwegian industry. A research project has resulted in a joint knowledge base that gives companies in Kongsberg and Norway an important innovative edge.

Status Report for 2014–2015

In NCE Systems Engineering Status Report for 2014-2015 you can read about the competence clusters important work for enhancing Norwegian competitiveness.

The dawn of an industrial success story

In 2014 Abalonyx AS established a pilot plant for producing graphene oxide and has shown that the process works on a large scale. During 2015 the goal is to be able to scale up production to one tonne per month.

Positioned for the future

Kongsberg is the production site for complex jet engine components for 5th generation fighter craft as well as for today’s quiet environment-friendly civil aircraft. GKN Aerospace Norway plays a key role in the international aviation industry. The standards posed for precision are absolute.

Meeting global demand

For a long time, offshore operations in the North Sea were the primary market for Dresser-Rand in Kongsberg. The global demand for energy has brought about a change in the market. Gas turbines for delivery to Turkmenistan on the east side of the Caspian Sea are an example of this.

Improving the driving experience

All over the world cars, trucks and buses drive around with products developed and manufactured by Kongsberg Automotive. Headquartered in Kongsberg, the enterprise enhances the driving experience by making it safer and more comfortable.

Seabed success

FMC Technologies is a world leader in systems and solutions for subsea oil and gas production. With a market share of nearly 40 per cent on a global basis in 2013, the company has a position that suggests they are number one or two in every deep-water basin in the world.

Extreme standards for reliability

Supplying equipment to major European space programmes is no joke. KONGSBERG’s aerospace business knows everything about that. They develop and manufacture technology that requires compliance with extreme standards for quality, reliability and accuracy.

Important for the Kongsberg industry

In its declaration the new government has stated that they will use industry clusters as drivers for innovation, and will invest in introducing a new global cluster level, Global Centres of Expertise. The technology industry in Kongsberg is very pleased about this.

Changes the mindset of employees

Kongsberg Automotive’s employees throughout the world now start all new projects using Knowledge-based Development (KBD) principles. The company has redefined its whole project management tool.

Students as bearers of change

Students taking a master’s degree in Systems Engineering at Buskerud and Vestfold University College (HBV) are learning how collaboration between academia and the industry gives the companies an advantage in the market place.

Significant results with coaching project

“Oswo is an established supplier to the offshore, maritime, defence and medical equipment market. The coaching project has given us better processes and methods for sales and market follow-up, says Managing Director of Oswo, Skjalg Mortvedt.

Quality prize for their pilot project

FMC Technologies has worked out a methodology for improving knowledge transfer between projects. A cross-disciplinary engineering team in the company won an internal quality prize for the pilot project.

Master programme and research strengthened

The Norwegian Institute of Systems Engineering (NISE) is in the process of building up a team of academics as well as establishing alliances with leading R&D communities globally.

Hot topics in Systems Engineering

This year´s topic at the Kongsberg Systems Engineering Event (KSEE) was "Systems integration, when the going really gets tough". Speakers gave samples that systems integration is typically a chaotic phase disrupted by nasty surprises.

System for recycling knowledge

"The research project Knowledge-based Development has given us the opportunity to work out a system database and architecture for carrying forward knowledge from one project into another," says Tom ole Haukom, a systems engineer in FMC Technologies.

Develops kite generated energy

"In higher atmospheric layers the wind is stronger and more stable than at ground level where today’s windmills are located. If we succeed with our technology, this may be a new industrial sensation," says Thomas Hårklau, founder of Voss-based Kitemill.

Documents the certification process

The requirements and alternatives that exist for moving from ISO to AS certification are now being made more accessible for the companies.