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Global specialisation creates opportunities

“Geographical location is no longer an issue. We obtain cutting-edge experience in whichever country it exists and we manufacture where it is most cost effective. This global specialisation creates opportunities in the world marketplace for the Kongsberg community and Norwegian industry,” says Tore Halvorsen, Senior Vice President, Subsea Technologies in FMC Technologies.

Tore Halvorsen FMC Technologies. Foto: FMC Technologies

“Kongsberg has a fantastic cluster,” says Tore Halvorsen, Senior Vice President, Subsea Technologies in FMC Technologies. Photo: FMC Technologies

It is Systems Engineering expertise that gives FMC Techno- logies in Kongsberg a competitive advantage, both in relation to competitors and within the company. The company’s Kongsberg business also has expertise in several of the subsystems found in subsea installations.

Borders no longer an issue
“Borders are no longer an issue in global specialisation. The systems are produced in whatever value chain we establish,” explains Halvorsen. He adds that FMC Technologies in Kongsberg must maintain its advantage in its existing areas of responsibility to remain attractive.

”Technology for oil and gas production in the Arctic presents challenging problems and we intend to be the first to develop the solutions. Just now the oil price is low, but the will to innovate is high. Nevertheless it is challenging to achieve a good innovation process when established systems that have evolved over 40 years have to be changed,” says Halvorsen.

He believes that a good innovation process is best achieved in collaboration with people from other industries, who also dare to think laterally.

“I see the Kongsberg community as the spearhead of technology development in Norway. Kongsberg has a fantastic cluster, where there are no restrictions on cooperation. Within a small geographical area we have access to unique expertise and technology and we are experienced in supplying systems for extreme applications. We can improve how we exploit these advantages by having more development projects involving companies in different sectors,” he says.

Collaboration has led to enormous changes
FMC Technologies has built a system database called ‘Sure Source’. The concept is a product of the Knowledge-based Development research project.

“The changes we have succeeded in introducing are very important,” says Halvorsen. “With ‘Sure Source’ we carry knowledge forward from one project to another. We retain lessons learned from the building, installation and operational phases so that new projects are firmly founded on a steadily increasing experience base. We manage to satisfy different customer requirements based on standardised modules, while simultaneously dealing efficiently with other business priorities such as the use of standard components, maintenance philosophy, environment and safety.”

Halvorsen says that a low oil price is challenging, but at the same time it drives innovation.

“People understand that we must become more efficient to reduce costs. Our largest customers demand standardisation and the establishment of ‘Sure Source’ has put us ahead of our competitors in this area,” he says.

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