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10 years with NCE Systems Engineering

In 2006 the cluster of technology companies in Kongsberg recieved status as a Norwegian Centre of Expertise in Systems Engineering. Read our report where we have attempted to summarise the results of the cluster collaboration.

NCE Systems Engineering (NCE SE) has established the industrial master´s degree, developed the SE syllabus, founded Norwegian Institute for Systems Engineering and further developed the technical collaboration in the cluster. It has also worked on a number of attractiveness, innovation and supplier development projects. Networking initiatives and establishing new forums for teamwork have also been priority tasks for NCE SE.

After 10 years with NCE SE, Systems Engineering is a technical discipline that is now in a very strong position and there is widespread demand for it nationally and globally. Read more about what we have achieved in our report:

Digital version of NCE SE´s report 2006–2016

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Ti år med NCE Systems Engineering

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