Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach for the development and realisation of complex systems which demand a high standard of lifetime performance. Systems Engineering is the bridge between various traditional engineering disciplines.
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Ti år med NCE Systems Engineering

10 years with NCE Systems Engineering

In 2006 the cluster of technology companies in Kongsberg recieved status as a Norwegian Centre of Expertise in Systems Engineering. Read our report where we have attempted to summarise the results of the cluster collaboration.
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Agreement University of Southeast Norway and Isdefe

Cooperation agreement with Spanish SE-company

On June 7th the top management of Spanish Isdefe came to Kongsberg for the signature of an agreement between Isdefe and Norwegian Institute for Systems Engineering at University of Southeast Norway. Isdefe is owned by the Spanish Ministry of Defense.
> – Most prestigious institution in Europe

Dr Larry Leifer Foto Stanford Uni

Seizing the world’s innovation edge

The leader of the world´s topnotch research in engineering design is joining the Norwegian Institute of Systems Engineering (NISE), University College of Southeast Norway (HSN) as a Visiting Professor in 2016. Dr Larry Leifer is the name ever wanted in this field and is appointed to help the transformation and accelerator of Norwegian industries.
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Tore Halvorsen FMC Technologies. Foto: FMC Technologies

Global specialisation creates opportunities

“Geographical location is no longer an issue. We obtain cutting-edge experience in whichever country it exists and we manufacture where it is most cost effective. This global specialisation creates opportunities in the world marketplace for the Kongsberg community and Norwegian industry,” says Tore Halvorsen in FMC Technologies.
> Collaboration has led to enormous changes

Samarbeider i KBD-prosjekt. Foto: NCE SE

Effectiveness radically improved

In Kongsberg the industrial enterprises and academia are working together to improve the competitiveness of Norwegian industry. A research project has resulted in a joint knowledge base that gives companies in Kongsberg and Norway an important innovative edge.
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Partner Companies

> Argos Solutions AS
> Dresser-Rand AS
> Esko-Graphics Kongsberg AS
> TechnipFMC
> GKN Aerospace Norge AS
> Kongsberg Automotive ASA
> Semcon Devotek AS
> Kongsberg Gruppen ASA

Member Companies

> Berget
> Data Respons Norge
> ID Kongsberg
> K-tech
> Kongsberg Target Systems
> Idea Kompetanse
> Notodden Utvikling
> Oswo
> Rjukan Næringsutvikling
> Semcon Norway
> Servi Hydranor
> Sparebank 1 Kongsberg
> Techni
> Ulefos Esco