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Innovation Residency Summit

13th September: Norwegian Institute of Systems Enginering invites to "The 1st Innovation Residency Summit -Joining Forces of Design and Engineering" at Krona, Kongsberg.

Innovation Residency Summit is a remote learning and sharing place for those with innovation initiatives or projects, including policy makers, business leaders, industry practitioners, design professionals and researchers.

Capturing the pulse of industrial innovation frontier, and demonstrating working methods of how engineers design and designers engineer for global opportunities.

- Filling a critical customer need by joining forces across design and engineering discipline.
- Cross-fertilized sharing of best practices that add value.
- Powering an engineering + design community for more collaboration.     
- Extending the impact and scope of innovation capability.
Invitation: Innovation_Summit_Inviting

This event is supported by the collaboration among Norwegian Research Council, Stanford University, University College of Southeast Norway, NCE SE and DoGA.

This know-how event is a follow up of “1st Dialogue Day “Design Meets Engineering: User-centered Innovation” which was held this March with close to 90 participants. The responses were solemnly positive.

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Skrevet 29.08.16

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