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New businesses

Comprehensive and unique focus on innovation

NCE Systems Engineering (NCE SE) focuses on innovation to encourage enterprises in the field of energy and energy efficient systems. Along with Kongsberg Innovasjon (KI), NCE SE has mobilised Kongsberg’s technology enterprises to join forces to achieve innovative cooperation.

As one of the partners in NCE SE, KI is responsible for the sub-project “New ventures”. The company is experiencing a favourable development trend in the volume of projects, and it has been contacted by entrepreneurs and innovation projects from all over Norway and from abroad. KI acts as a clutch between start-up enterprises and projects and industrial expertise from leading international technology enterprises. This enhances the value creation potential of the new ventures, accelerating their market penetration and making them more international.

Promising projects
As from 2013, KI has been part of the incubator programme at the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway (SIVA). This ensures long-term basic funding and helps make it possible to give small enterprises a boost. In addition, NCE SE was awarded MNOK 3 of the national innovation framework funds that Innovation Norway announced in January. This paved the way for four new projects at KI.

Among other things, KI has established ownership in a new venture named Kongsberg Cable Systems. The company is based on technology developed in Germany and Switzerland, and represents a new intervention cable to monitor, control, maintain and optimise production in oil wells. By drawing on the expertise of oil companies and sub- sea systems suppliers, KI could quickly verify that there is a market potential for this kind of solution. Efforts are now being made to further develop the concept and to secure funding.

For several years, KI has been working on the development of solutions to produce electricity based on geothermal energy at competitive prices. The solution has tremendous value creation potential, but will take time and resources to bring to fruition. Along with some of the cluster’s enterprises, KI is continuing to work with the idea through several sub-projects.

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