Hold av datoen 15. mars
Skrevet 08.02.16

Hold av tirsdag 15. mars og delta i Norges første dialogmøte som bygger bro over de to verdenene design og engineering. Et event for deg som har ideer innen innovasjon eller jobber med innovasjonsprosjekter – for designere, ingeniører og beslutningstakere. Sted: Forskningsparken.

Targeting The Global Opportunities – The New Working Methods to Accelerate Innovations for Norwegian Engineering and Service Businesses.

Welcome to this 1st Dialogue Day – Norway’s first national gathering that bridge the two worlds, Design and Engineering – is a meeting forum for those with innovation initiatives or projects, including policy makers, business leaders, industry practitioners, design professionals and researchers.

When: Tuesday the 15th of March 2016
Where: Forskningsparken, Oslo

Hold the date and stay tuned for updates about key speakers.

Event Goalss
The topnotch user-centered innovation lead from the Stanford University, Prof. Larry Leifer, will be in this creative dialogue and share the frontier use of the design-inspired innovation method from Silicon Valley. Furthermore, there will be national forefront speakers illustrating of the Norway way of innovating and facilitators from both design and engineering worlds. The first fold of this one-day event is set as a learning arena from the well-selected speeches; on the second fold, this one-day dialogue interactively and collaboratively discusses the potential to revolutionize the existing ways to innovate much faster and better in your organizations.

Contact person:
Yang-Yang Zhao, Associate Professor
Norwegian Institute for Systems Engineering, HSN
Email: yangyang.zhao@hbv.no
Mobile: +47 98 02 36 96