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This is NCE Systems Engineering, Kongsberg

The group of global technology companies in Kongsberg makes up an industrial expertise cluster. The companies operate in a range of different industries – from maritime, subsea, energy and oil technology to defence, automotives, air and aerospace. The main task of NCE Systems Engineering (NCE SE) is to strengthen the industrial expertise cluster through enhanced technical collaboration, common commitment to innovation, joint research projects, shared skills development and inter-company collaboration within and outside the cluster.

Systems Engineering

The work is intended to lead to increased synergy between the companies and to contribute to making the cluster into one of the most attractive in the world for development and industrialisation of high technology products and systems. NCE SE is also the driving force for increasing the attractiveness of the local area and the region and for ensuring good, competitive Norwegian framework conditions. The aim is to make it attractive for global investors to invest here in the future.

Read NCE Systems Engineering’s status report here.

NCE Systems Engineering, årsrapport

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